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Burrs Weeekend - October 2001

Monday, 1st October 2001

Burrs Weekend 2001 Witten By Bex Wales

A pint of beer and a good night’s sleep was all we wanted after our trek through the Peak District and Manchester (they stole the signs, honest). Imagine our joy when the bunkhouse was within 50 feet of the pub! A cozy atmosphere, a jolly singsong and a couple of drinks to warm the soul before a good-night’s sleep (give or take the snoring and incessant beeps!).

Although we were limited to a section of river that was within the Burrs Center’s boundaries, it proved to be plenty to keep everyone busy. The main focus was undoubtedly the weir, which varied in size from 15 to 50 feet tall depending on who was looking at it! The rest of the river was very playable with many differing features within a fairly short distance. This proved to be adequate for both beginners and experts alike, giving everyone the chance to expand on skills or just generally enjoy themselves. The weir proved to be quite an interest point and prompted many people to try boats they would not normally use, including the Topo Duo both forwards (don’t sit at the front unless you want to get wet) and backwards!? After much thought and planning a certain senior member of the club (Adam) decided it had to be run sideways, in an open boat.

However, come the light of the new day and the idea had become a little less appealing, and deemed suicidal, not to be put off by the thought of an early morning swim, two of the younger and braver (madder? stupider?) members decided that they would do it (Angie C and me!) and to the astonishment of everyone, succeeded in staying upright and didn’t get too wet?!

A commendation is definitely deserved by the cooks for the fantastic food, yes even the breakfast, although Ryan still insisted on eating pot noodles. The constant supply of hot drinks and snacks throughout the day was a much-welcomed event after the several inevitable swims, and the seemingly unending flow of pudding was enough to make anyone feel better (and full). All this, coupled with the spring weather, friendly locals and the frogs(?!) made for a brilliant weekend away.

Many thanks go to Jes for organizing everything and the coaches - same time next year?

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