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100 Mile Canoe Test 2018

Monday, 28th May 2018

Written by Duncan Jack (volunteer Water Marshal)

The 56th annual 100 Miler in May 2018 was as rewarding and eventful as ever. The lowest river levels in living memory on Day 1 were matched by the highest on Day 3 as we attempted the Grade 2 Jackfield Rapids. We had baking sun and torrential rain accompanying a lightning storm of epic proportions when we came within seconds of pulling the teams off the water. A dead body on the Shrewsbury weir – not one of ours - and hitchhiking molluscs at the Ironbridge Rowing Club get on all added seasoning to a classic test. The participants, as they always do, grew in their paddling and personal confidence. The same teams that took 12 hours to complete 25 miles on Day 1 flying through 30 plus miles on Day 3 in under 7 hours. All this was ably supported by a water marshal crew drawn from Paddleplus and 100 Miler alumni. 100 miles of free paddling, free food, the sight of the one and only Andy Oughton wielding the BBQ tongs and the feeling of accomplishment from helping these young men and women pass a significant test in their lives was the best payment for the marshals.

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