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Bagshawe Cavern - February 2019

Thursday, 28th March 2019

Bagshawe Cavern Written By Sophie Macken, Age 9 I had a fantastic trip to Bagshawe Cavern in Derbyshire on Saturday 23rd February. I hope next time more people come...

Anyway, our trip was AMAZING. I got cold at times like when I had to walk through eighteen inch water, but I had the right kit so we were fine, if you went you would love it!

It included jagged rocks, amazing views and awesome underground technology. If you like science and history then that is the place to go.

If the group had to rate the place out of ten then I would definitely rate it ten.

While I was in there I saw How people worked in the mines, Where people worked in the mines and Why people worked in the mines, it was very interesting.

Steve told me to squeeze through gaps and be careful as there was loads of deep holes and high water levels.

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