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There is Light at the End of Saddington Tunnel

The Grand Union Canal

Sunday 13th March 2022

Simon’s story, interpreted by Mary

Simon said he was excited to go in a big boat with Kyle. We went to the tunnel, Mary and Clint nearly fell in the canal getting Mary in her boat, it made me giggle and Mary laughed too.

When we started paddling it was windy, but Kyle and I paddled hard and beat Mary to the tunnel, Clint gave me a torch to wear but it didn’t work so I was scared, but very brave. It was dark and cold in the tunnel.

Kyle and I were shouting “ECHO!!!!”

There were lots of spiderwebs and bat boxes on the ceiling. When we came out I felt happy and Robert was waiting for us on his bike, then we stopped for lunch. I’d made myself a healthy packed lunch and it was really nice. We sat on the bank and a few people hid in the bushes, I don’t know why? I sat with Mr Oughton. I like him.

We then paddled back through the tunnel, this time I held a torch. Kyle was great and I met new friends. Once out the other side Robert, Clint and Kyle helped me to get out and Mary and I walked back to the car park. We saw lots of mud on the towpath, I didn’t like the tunnel, but I would love to go again, it was fun, and I can say I paddled it and I was brave!

Thank you Clint, for organising the trip.

Simon :)

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