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My climbing day at Stanage Edge - Sept 2020

Monday, 28th September 2020

My Climbing Day at Stanage Edge, Peak District Written by George Barber, aged 8 When I got up I was so excited because I really wanted to go climbing. So, I got dressed and ate some breakfast and tea, but we were running late so I left my tea. Then we got in the car and drove off, as we were driving I seen a deer in the forest, it looked like it was being chased.

When we got there, we parked the car met the rest of our group and the instructor, his name was Dave, and then we went to go up to the mountain. When we got to the rocks my dad helped me put the harness on which was connected to a rope, which was on a pulley thing. I was a little bit scared, but I really wanted to climb. The first time I only got a little way up and then got a bit scared so I came down again. I was really sad because I did not finish the climb, so I had another go. The second time I still could not get to the top, but the third time I almost got to the top and was excited.

We had lunch as Dave moved locations so we could try two different climbs. For dinner I had egg and ham sandwich and I ate daddy’s half chicken. In between climbing I had a climb up the rocks with Penny and Connell and climbed in-between the rocks. We then went and done the new climbs. My dad managed to reach the top this time. Everyone else climbed really good, reaching the tops.

We then packed up ropes and went and walked to a new area with me eating chicken. The new climbs were tricky to start, and I couldn’t do it. After these climbs we left. We then walked back down the mountain to the car, I was really tired. We got to the car, handed over our kit, had a group photo and set off home. On the way home we stopped for a much-needed Burger King. I enjoyed the day, thank you very much guys and instructor Dave.


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