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PaddlePlus has changed my life

Tuesday, 4th August 2020 What a year it's been!! Loads of awesome times, loads of great people, loads of laughs, loads of swims but all good fun, onwards to the next trips and swims - Jamie, July 2020

PaddlePlus really is an amazing club with amazing members. - Heather, July 2020

I get anxious being around groups and people, but from the first pool session watching the patience of the volunteers with George then onto the river at the LOPC and the club paddles I've done, it just feels like a big family. Every volunteer is amazing. - Scott, July 2020

A few people will have heard me say that PP has literally changed my life, helped me when I was feeling low and I believe it was a huge part of gaining the confidence to go for a big promotion at work. Everyone has always provided that perfect balance of pushing you just hard enough out of your comfort zone to enable you to improve, and have fun at the same time, without it feeling like you would be forced to do anything you don't want. - Naomi, July 2020

The water always is my go to place for escape and to clear my head. Thanks PaddlePlus for being inviting and helpful, not just with improving water skills. - Mark, July 2020

Due to the nature of my work I didn’t know many people or have friends in Leicester so when I retired I felt a bit stranded. I joined PP just to paddle flat water (never thought I’d be paddling some white water as well!!) but again with all the support of coaches, volunteers and all members, and no matter what age - from young and upwards I feel I now have some friends in Leicester and I always feel included - which is what I love about the club. - LC, July 2020

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