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Thank you from Simon's mum

This heartfelt thank you was sent in by Simon's mum. Simon is a special member of our club and we enjoy his company:

Hi, I have read the AGM reports on Simons behalf. We won’t be able to attend the meeting but I wanted to pass on a huge thanks to each and every one who volunteers their time to the club, especially those who support Simon on the water.

It’s a great opportunity for him to develop in both confidence and independence.

Initially I thought that his staff member would support him on the water, but I’m actually glad that they haven’t as it’s helped him to rely on, and trust a larger group of people within PaddlePlus, which is great to see. Something I never thought would happen when he was younger. Sadly, because I don’t live with Simon anymore I don’t get to bring him to sessions, but I hope everything is going well with his staff.

Once again, a huge thank you to all of you for including Simon in your group, helping him to learn new skills, have a great time and for treating him with kindness and patience.

You all deserve awards in my book. Hope you have time to read this out.


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