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Testimonials from our Members Survey

Tuesday, 4th August 2020

Testimonials from our anonymous members survey (2019)

“The children have a brilliant and wild time in a safe environment with volunteers who are passionate and informed”

“Caring and enthusiastic welcoming group of people”

“Pushing you out of your comfort zone”

“Members work well as a team”

“Currently a very active club, covering different aspects of paddlesport”

“Fun and easy-going”

“Supports progression”

“Volunteers always work hard, making the club what it is”

“PaddlePlus is brilliant in teaching kids resilience and self-confidence”

“Always helpful and patient”

“Great atmosphere”

“Sense of community and team-working”

“I love Wye Camp, it is amazing. I love toasting marshmallows on the fire”

“Good balance between structure and care-free”


“Thursdays (club night) are an evening where I can leave everything else behind”

“Online events booking process is well laid out and intuitive”

“Excellent value for money - how many places can you get an evening’s activity for a fiver!?”

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