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Wye Camp survey 2021

Thursday, 16th September 2021

Testimonials from the Wye Camp 2021 survey. We can happily report, that all is still very much well with Wye Camp. People love it and can't wait to come back next year. We had a record 97 people this year and 30 of those lovelies responded to our survey. We've picked out some smashing comments to share... Members Highlights:

Lots of happy smiley faces on the water and very friendly

My four-day highlight of 2021!

Just paddling in great scenery with good people

All the paddling! Loved the rapids.

Watching everyone's faces coming down Symonds Yat. Especially the new members. Seeing the kids all messing around together on and off the water.

I personally enjoyed my trip to the beach and first opportunity to surf some (although small) waves.

Campfire! say the kids… and I agree

Symonds Yat! I was very nervous but delighted that Dylan and I smashed it, honestly the whole weekend was a highlight, and as a family we loved being on the water.

Symonds Yat, fire, camping, s'mores, chat, kids having loads of fun - dry weather! It's nice that we're closer to the pub now. The field is flatter, and the launch area is easier.

Getting to know people better at my first Wye camp and seeing so many club members together having fun. Being able to sit around the campfire and talk after paddling instead of having to rush off. Watching some 60-90(??) paddlers and friends glide through Symonds Yat rapid. Value for Money:

The cost is nothing compared with the excellence, organisation, fun and promptness of all organisers. You guys are amazing, and I am very grateful for having had this opportunity.

Phenomenal value

Excellent value for money, 3 nights camping, everyone safe on the water, with boats and other kit provided, organisation was epic this year.

When you consider the effort that goes into putting on this event, provision of equipment including toilets, BBQs, shuttles etc I think the value is absolutely excellent. It's still cheaper than most campsites with none of the same fun value!

A really accessible, adventurous weekend, which would cost many hundreds of pounds per person if you were to book something similar via a private company.

There’re not many other places you can get a weekend away, with kit and all the experience and friendliness of PaddlePlus for such a cheap price. There were many comments regarding the Sunday pizza van, stunning quality but just not enough, we have taken this on board and it will be rectified next year.

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