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Tryweryn Trip - Sept 2006

Friday, 1st September 2006

River Tryweryn Trip Written By Ian Sargent I thought the Tryweryn trip was a great success because of the way everyone chipped in to help. From the moment we got to the LOPC I kept thinking “this is going too well”, everyone on time (except Anton) and all boats loaded quickly (to my great surprise Anton got one over on me by being late but having his boat already loaded). The roads were also fairly clear so the timing I planned went well. Then everyone on the water (ok the groups didn’t quite get on the right order), the weather was good and everyone enjoyed themselves and got something out of it. We even managed to get back to the centre within minutes of each other.

Having now organised a big trip (I never expected to get so much interest), I would like to say to anyone that is thinking of helping out PaddlePlus, that organising a trip is not that hard. I am not a Level 3 coach I have not organised a trip this big before but I found everyone supportive and helpful. All these types of trips need somebody to keep pushing them forward. We take our leaders for granted.

I know by the reaction of the Tryweryn trip that there are a lot of you that wish to challenge your paddling skills, so let’s organise them ourselves. Let’s start with trips like the Nene whitewater centre, you do not need to be a coach to go there and there are now a group capable of going there on their own. If you are up for Holme Pierrepoint there are other club members willing to go, so post it on Soar Point. Matlock, Swarkstone, these are all fairly local, if you wish to go, ask and organise.

If you do want to organise a trip or have any ideas for one but don’t know how to go about it, then don’t be afraid to ask for help - PaddlePlus will be supportive in every way.

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