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Anna's trip from Lower Lydbrook - Aug 21

Sunday, 29th August 2021

Lower Lydbrook to Monmouth Rowing Club Written by Anna-Louise This was my first Wye Camp, and I enjoyed every part of it. My favourite four parts were the rapids (first ever time doing them), swimming in the river with some of the other kids from PaddlePlus, the campfires with roasting marshmallows, and our man hunt in the dark. On Sunday we paddled from Lower Lydbrook to Monmouth Rowing Club, a total of 11 miles. This was the longest trip I have done, and I was very proud of myself as I only started paddling in April this year.

The day started with a briefing at camp, where Anton offered to drive us in his van. So, I checked my kayak and paddle had been loaded on to the trailer and I put my lunch, helmet, and BA into the van.

On the paddle I saw about 26 swans, lots of geese (which we had to move when we stopped for lunch and our briefing for the Symonds Yat rapid), and a bunch of fish which I spent some time watching and trying to catch, that I found really fun.

I learnt different actions like slow down, come back, turn one way and the other, and many more. At the end of the day while most people had pizza our family went to get a chinese. Then we joined in with everyone round the campfire roasting marshmallows and our man hunt game. It was a fantastic day, and I can’t wait till next year’s Wye Camp. By Anna-Louise - A very well done to Anna-Louise for achieving her Trip Challenge badge on this trip, thank you Anna for this brilliant report :)

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