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PaddlePlus is a members club open to the whole community. We're here for people who love getting outside and having fun!

But how do you know you'll love us? 

You can try us with our free 4-week Taster Membership, without committing to a Full year-long Membership. Once a Full Member you'll have access to all our weekend trips and activities.

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Sign up for a Taster Membership via our website, it's free and lasts for 4 weeks, during that period you can book on to any of our indoor or outdoor sessions (but not trips).

You'll pay per session, per person, which start at just £5 each, via our Club Calendar. There's up to 5 sessions a week throughout the summer!

At the end of the 4 weeks, we hope you'll want to stay for a lifetime of fun and adventures, and we'll email you with the next steps. 

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Feel free to join any session, you're sure to receive a warm welcome.

On arrival, once checked in, you will be given instructions on what facilities are available and told where to meet your Instructor or Coach. 

From there we'll help you get kitted up, find you an appropriate craft, paddle and buoyancy aid to keep you safe. 

Once on the water, you can expect a short journey and some games to get you comfortable in your craft, before returning to the site to put your kit away.

Throughout your session there will be plenty of time for questions and we'll tell you everything you need to know to get started with PaddlePlus.

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  • Dress appropriately for the weather

  • Wear insulating layers - synthetic thermals, fleeces and gym kit (non-cotton) are ideal as they are lightweight and dry quickly - several thin layers are better than one thick coat

  • A wetsuit can form part of this insulation, but fleeces and thermals are normally more comfortable, wetsuits are designed to keep you warm when submerged in water 

  • A waterproof/windproof outer layer to keep the wind off and prevent splashes is great

  • Wear old lightweight trainers or plimsolls, nothing bulky

  • Keep laces short

  • Dig out those neoprene booties you bought at the beach last summer!

  • Wear a hat in the colder months

  • Bring a towel and a change of clothes for after the session (We have showers at LOPC)


  • Paddle barefoot

  • WEAR JEANS – they soak up water and become heavy when wet.

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Visit our Members Area to register your membership, then you'll be able to book your sessions. 

During busy times we may need to operate a waiting list, either to join or for specific sessions.

If you or your child have any additional needs, such as a physical disability or special educational needs, don't worry - it's likely we can still facilitate your Taster Membership. Please give us a heads up on the booking form, or contact one of our Welfare Officers in advance for a chat.

Taster Sessions: Amenities
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What do the PaddlePlus elves say about staying safe on your Intro Session?

  • Just like cabin crew - your Instructors are there for your safety as well as ensuring you have fun and make you drinks - so listen up!

  • Always wash your hands after your session as nasty bugs live in and around the water. No one wants an upset tummy

  • If you can, store your valuables in the car, or leave them with your friends or relatives on the bank

  • If you take valuables such as phones on the water, this at your own risk - the elves can't guarantee a replacement for Christmas if it gets wet. They have the same global supply issues as the rest of us!

  • Above all - have a fun time

Taster Sessions: Text
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