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Friday, 6th August 2021

A selection from Summer 2021 Joni: I had the best time tonight. Did the weir so that's another under my belt. Couldn't have done any of it without the more experienced paddlers. Thank you all for your continued help. PaddlePlus rocks!! Jamie: Thanks everyone for a great day of Bushcraft learning and a nice evening around the fire, must do both again when possible. Great day today having a refresh of FSRT training too. We had lots of laughs and learned some new skills. Lizzie: Thanks for another beautiful paddle at Kilby Bridge tonight :) Michael: As always, many thanks to the people involved and for good company. Great day out. (Mountsorrel loop) Joni: The organisation is spot on well done everyone involved. Max: It was a get first trip for me. Boy I learnt a lot about how a canoe works and it’s hard! (Mountsorrel loop) Sarah: My little one loved it! Thank you x (I Got Wet Challenge Badge) Max: Both girls are loving Thursdays. Thank you so much guys. Well done to you all. Max: Thank you for taking me. I was so nervous but I did enjoy it. (First time in a canoe) Helen: Wonderful evening watching my 5 favourite little people have fun on the river. Thank you to the PaddlePlus volunteers. Helen: Great fun at a kayaking taster session with my son and his mates despite the awful weather - they LOVED it & I am sure we will be there again next week

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